What is a Responsive Website and why does my site need it?

What is a Responsive Website and why does my site need it?

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one which can scale down the size of any device, and can ‘respond’ respectively to the interactivity and usability of said device. This includes having a usable menu; often, as on this very website, the navigation menu collapses into tabbed menu, which can me made visible by clicking on the menu icon, whatever that may be. This is a perfect example of tweaking something on the desktop version of a website and making it usable and ‘responsive’ on smaller screen sizes.

Why does my site need to be ‘responsive’?

Chances are, you own a smartphone, and you probably browse the web on it too. This trend has been greatly increasing for some time now and recently Ofcom reported that more than two thirds of people in the UK now own a smart-phone, using it for at least 2 hours a day to engage with social media, scroll the web and even for online shopping. For this reason alone, it is essential that your website has a resposive layout, or you are almost certainly missing out on potential visitors and customers for your business. But what exactly can a responsive website bring to your business?

What are the benefits of a responsive website?

With a responsive website, the content and pages automatically adjust to the viewports size, making it accessible through all devices. In other words, regardless of what device your visitor is operating on, the user will have an optimal viewing experience including ease of navigation with a minimum amount of resizing and scrolling. In providing an optimal experience, your visitors will have a positive opinion of your website and will be more likely to return.

Having a responsive website also has a key effect on how it performs in search engine rankings. Google’s search engine algorithms now include how accessible your website is in determining how high your website will perform in the google rankings. Essentially, Google rewards your website if it is more optimised, with a higher search engine ranking.

How can Busynets Web Design help?

We build every website so that it is responsive and usable across all devices and platforms. As discussed, the benefits of a responsive design are enourmous. Unlike other web design agencies, we don’t believe in charging our clients extra for such an essential feature, meaning you will recieve a responsive website for no extra fee when you choose us to design your website. With the importance of mobile-friendly websites only increasing, make sure you take a minute to ensure your design is as responsive as it can be by using us to build your next website!

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